An all-new live social space.

Our story

At Airtime, we’re changing the way people interact online, making the internet a more welcoming and truly social place.

Social networks have the power to bring people together, but they have often proven to do the opposite. In a world of social platforms that filter and curate our lives, social media has made us antisocial.

That’s why we created Airtime. It’s a new kind of social space. No matter what you’re into—lofi hip hop, airbrush makeup, or improv comedy—drop in any time. There’s a room for you on Airtime that’s always open, live, and ready to welcome you in.

Our mission

To empower people to create thriving online communities around shared interests, experiences, and passions.

Equal Airtime for all

Inclusivity is at the heart of our communities and our brand. Our product is designed to resonate with and serve people of underrepresented communities. People who feel excluded by mainstream channels. That means everyone is welcome here.

It’s important to us that the rooms on Airtime are all created, powered, and owned by our community and our creators.

Our values

Everyone is welcome on Airtime. You don’t have to be invited, or be part of a club. Just bring an open mind and be respectful.
We empower and celebrate the passion and imagination that members bring to creating their rooms.
We believe in the power of unedited live moments to create joy, connection and possibility.

Work with us!

We’re always excited to meet curious and creative people. Come say hello or check out our career opportunities to find out more!