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Product Manager

Palo Alto, CA

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About Airtime

At Airtime, we have been fascinated by the idea of a shared experience. The experience we have as friends in the real world, talking, laughing, having fun, and just being together. Those moments are what helps us connect as people. Those moments are Airtime.

Airtime is a shared experience; a digital space to hang out on live video chat with your friends, and do all of the things you’d do in real life together. Experience the fun of watching a favorite movie with your friends, or the magic of laughing at a TV show together or the OMG moment of seeing a friends wipe out video on youtube. These moments are happening on Airtime!

Airtime was founded by Sean Parker and is backed by Accel, Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund, Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, and a host of other incredible partners.  With offices in Palo Alto and Brooklyn, our Airteam is hard at work crafting the amazing real-time technology Airtime is built on.

Airtime Product

We are a user-centered product team passionate about disrupting the status-quo in the current Social space. We believe that today’s social networks are inherently anti-social and provide an unfulfilling, lonely and disconnected experience.  Airtime provides a new way for users to share experiences together that lets them truly `Be Together` and `Do Things Together` as they would in real life. We are looking for Product leaders who share our passion for the space and would help us bring this audacious vision to fruition. 


Airtime is user focused, and we are looking for a well-rounded, experienced Product Manager to be responsible for leading core product feature areas to deliver a best-in-class user experience. As the architect and owner of core aspects of our product vision, you will be responsible for thinking through some of our toughest UX feature challenges. You will be expected to blend in your concrete data driven understanding of product metrics with qualitative feedback and business goals to come up with a convincing and clear product strategy. The areas you will be involved in include: how users interact with rooms, in video chats, our messaging model, and our user experience focused on the “being together” and “doing things together” mantra of experiencing the internet in a new way.

Key Responsibilities

  • Contribute to the overall Airtime product strategy and roadmap
  • Synthesize user research and qualitative feedback from a variety of sources to inform the product roadmap
  • Make micro-optimizations in all product experiences and flows to optimize for user love and product quality
  • Work with UX designers to improve the feel and vibe of the product via User Research and A/B tests
  • Deliver a fun user experience that rates highly in both user love and product finesse
  • Collaborate with development to ensuring our product is fast, fluid, and scalable at all times
  • Plan and lead requirements, project, and relevant competitive reviews with team and executive leadership
  • Track all defined deliverables from conception through launch, leveraging established processes, tools, and communications mechanisms within Airtime (Jira, Slack, Mixpanel reports, etc.)


  • Three or more years of program management experience with proven success in delivering end user facing products and services and preferably have a UX background
  • Must have an eye for detail, polish, quality and passionate about User Love and Design
  • The ability to wear many hats, learn quickly and change direction when needed
  • Proficiency in collecting, synthesizing and incorporating user-feedback and mapping it to the overall product vision and roadmap
  • The ability to think creatively and critically about product features, architecture, and capabilities
  • Innate curiosity and ability to self-start in an ambiguous and rapidly-changing startup environment
  • Strong project management, leadership, and cross-group collaboration skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication/presentation skills through all levels of the organization, technical and non-technical
  • Solid understanding of web and mobile technologies, service operations at scale, and ability to go deep in technical areas
  • Good problem-solving skills and ability to think strategically
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field (or equivalent experience). Masters preferred

Airtime Leadership: